The “We” anointing


As we have begun to follow the lead of where to take Aaron’s Hands, the door opened wide to Asia and I embarked on a one month trip to visit just one community of friends.

During the month, I have had the opportunity to meet many leaders who are involved in amazing dreams and visions. I also just got back from a trip to a more remote area,  where I was privileged to meet and minister to and with some more local believers who are very much leaders. They are leading family members and others to new love and new knowledge, one relationship at a time... they are living, loving and growing. It was amazing to be around.

While with these folks, I was one of the only ones that had just about ZERO language skills and ability to communicate. My expat friends had all been investing in their language skills for literal decades. We were in a room of people literally from all over the world... who all were speaking a common language that I could not speak. This is not the first time I have found myself in this situation, in fact, I seem to be here fairly often and I love it.  It made it even easier for me to hear both their hearts and the Heart of God for them, for me, and for the world.

As the time progressed, I noticed that I was hearing what sounded to me like “women” a lot. It was in fact the word for “WE” or “US”.  As I listened and as things were translated for me, I began to realize and then to see through actions that this group of people are not individualistic at all... they speak and live WE.

In the US, we are very proud of our individualism and I don’t think that it is bad to be an individual, but I can’t help but notice that one of the cries of the heart that I have seen in the West is to BE KNOWN and to KNOW. To be a part of a “WE” and not just be an “I”.  It was here, that the Lord spoke to me that the great lessons that could be learned here from my foreign brothers and sisters... was this idea of “we”.

This group of about 40 was multigenerational and represented several people groups in just one part of a vary vast landscape of people, many of whom don’t yet have a written language or the opportunity to read or know about the love of the Father.

These 40 people have heard the Good News and have believed...  so they gather when they can to celebrate and grow and then return to their villages to live out their calling to be Salt and Light. Some were literal family members of the same household, but others were from far off, the only believers in their villages. Most of them don’t see each other that often... yet they were loving on each other, involved in joy and healing together. They didn’t need a program or a weekly cell group with someone telling them how to interact... they simply were “we’ instead of “I”. 

I couldn't help but notice that we were literally in an “upper room” and I could feel like there was more and more momentum building that is going to launch these and others among the other more than 20 people groups (in that one river corridor) who have yet to hear. It was a amazing to be a small part of that, but I watched my friends from America and Canada who have given decades of their lives to learn the language and culture... I watched them minister and encourage without translation and I knew that the job to HELP THEM STAY is an important one.

It is a job that will take a “WE” mentality.  “We” are the church and if “We” want to see the fulfillment of the Great Commission... then “we” need to work together. 

If you would like to be a part of helping workers who have left home to be on the field. Who are raising families, learning languages and stepping into the trauma of others to tell them the GOOD NEWS and then teach them and love them to more maturity.... 

Please consider patterning with AARON’S HANDS on a monthly basis, because

“WE” can help “Leaders STAY where they are called” and together “WE” can do more than just TELL the world... we can make disciples and teach them all that we have been taught.