Meet our Team

Photo Credit: Brandee Rees

Photo Credit: Brandee Rees

Charlene Garrett, Founder

Charlene felt a call in 2003 to "help leaders stay where they were called," and has been doing that in some form ever since. She is a graduate of Lee University and has her Master's in Business from the University of Dallas.

While she has had over 30 different jobs from cytogenetics to physician recruiter to ministry school administrator, her genius lies in not only her ability to break problems into small workable pieces, but she is also a collector of people and resources. She was a missionary in South Africa for 4 years and has spent the last 20 years getting to know herself and God more deeply.

Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

Daniel and Rachel A*, Asia Directors

Daniel and Rachel and their four daughters have been living in Asia for more than a decade. One of their passions is loving on strategic communities of expats and locals who are interested in bringing a deeper love of the Father to their communities. Daniel and Rachel understand what it is like to live, to work, and to raise a family in a cross cultural context.  Daniel's prophetic gift flows from a deep river of Joy and he regularly equips people in creating Kingdom family culture. Rachel mentors moms and girls (when she isn't translating or teaching and chasing their children).

Daniel and Rachel are excited to join with Charlene to start what they hope will turn into a movement of quality people who want to assist others by coming alongside to help them create more resilience as people grow deeper in love with their Heavenly Father and others. 

*Their last name has been withheld intentionally for security reasons.