Resilience starts from the TOP down and from the INSIDE out.

In an organization it starts from where the authority is. The TOP

In a person it starts from where the pain and trauma is.  The Heart.


Building Joyful communities means we are building resilient communities.

Thank you for all you contributed. We brought 15 books to a missional community in Asia and are training the leaders to start a JOY group!


Joy and Trauma Workshops, Coaching, and Personal ministry... 

Thank you for everyone who donated to our trip to Asia. We are excited to report about all the amazing things that God is doing.  We will be taking more Joy and Resilience training around the world, so keep up with us to see how you can be involved!  All donations are tax deductible.


INSIDE - Out                

Resilience Workshops:                 

  • Joy                                                       
  • Trauma
  • Heart Tools
  • Healing Encounters

TOP - Down

  • Leadership Coaching and Training
  • Inner Healing
  • Team Communication
  • Organizational Development
  • Culture training