Why Aaron's Hands?

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You may be familiar with the story in Exodus when Moses was up on the mountain with his arms up, and Joshua was down in the valley in battle. The mission in front of Moses at that time was to keep his arms up, and when he did, it was amazing.

However, Moses got tired. When he let his arms drop a little, Joshua started to lose the battle he was in. So, Aaron and Hur got a rock and encourage Moses to sit down and then they each held up one of his arms (Exodus 17:10-12).

We know the feeling of being called out of the comforts of home to launch into the unknown. It is exhilarating. We know that missionaries and leaders are simultaneously amazing and average. We know that while they are strong and capable, even the best leaders need to sit down some and have support.  

Simply put, we want to be Aaron's Hands for ministry leaders and missionaries... to support you and encourage you personally and strategically.


Why the Heart?


For years we have seen in our lives how our own emotional intelligence or identity was foundational to our happiness, our success in relationships, and in our lives overall. We personally have seen that we need to "love ourselves" well in order to "love God and love others," and have been applying different aspects of healing in our lives.

Life Model Works - A ministry who is connecting the principles of brain science to not only understand where we get our capacity (or lack of capacity) for Joy, but ways to connect with God and others in meaningful relationships that will actually change the physiology of our brains and increase our capacity for Joy.

HeartSync - A ministry that believes that we all have at least 3 core parts of our hearts and that we are somewhere on the spectrum of desynchronization. This means that we can all have a more synched heart.  If we have our whole hearts, then we can give our whole hearts to the Lord... and that is exciting.

Heart Math - An organization that has been studying our emotions and how they effect our physiology, with an emphasis on the effects of positive emotions on the heart and the brain. They also have shown that the heart and brain maintain a continuous two-way dialogue, each influencing the other's functioning. 

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