• Do you have a heart for the world?
  • Have you been overseas or know someone who has or does live there?
  • Have you ever talked to someone who seems to have been in ministry in the past, but now has “grown” into other things?
  • What happened to the passion? The vision? Why didn’t they finish? 

We at Aaron’s Hands are working to ENGAGE you in this conversation because we believe that not only are there solutions, but we have found a few and are working on testing them out!

WHAT: Live Hangout and Discussion


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Enter into the conversation. Ask questions. Bring ideas . Let’s create a Think Tank of grand proportions to bring grand solutions to the fulfillment of the GREAT COMMISSION.

Why do I need to register?  The main reason is security. I need to” invite” people to be on this call so I feel confident that the pictures I show you will not make it on to the web. Also, I need to have a mailing address to send you the prize if you win!

What if I sign up and I can’t make it?  That’s it, I am not talking to you. Just kidding... No worries! I will send all the registered attendees a link to the recording.