Charlene Garrett, Director of Coaching Solutions, Leadership Practitioner

Charlene Garrett, Director of Coaching Solutions, Leadership Practitioner

Charlene provides human development in a coaching context toward resilience, emotional intelligence, change navigation, self-awareness, and growth mindsets. Through all of this, the leader will be empowered with tools and methods to transform his or her team and organization.
— Global Outreach International

Thank you for wanting to know  more. In a nutshell, I am launching out as a US Based Business as Missions - Missionary. This is a temporary situation until we see the revenue flow from our vision to a degree that I can be hired on salary full time. When I asked the Lord how I should approach this opportunity.. as a contractor and working all the other jobs that my experience could afford me  OR full-time.

I felt a peace about focusing my efforts on this VISION so that we can see the sustainable fruit more quickly and really start to grow. That is why I am raising a minimum of $18,000 for the next 6 months.  This is my basic needs, but anything over will be directed to my Asia Joy project for Aaron’s Hands.

So how did we get here?  I have been talking with the CEO of Global Outreach for about a year and am excited about his heart and vision and what he brings to the conversation. For more information about Global Outreach and what I am getting involved in, read below!

The History:
Global Outreach is a 45 year old mission sending organization, that historically has done 1 thing well: recruit, send, and support missionaries... all at no cost to the missionary. Global is now in 49 countries with almost 300 missionary families.

Global Outreach recently got a new CEO who spent twenty years with the Center for Creative Leadership. The last five years he was in Ethiopia and founded their Europe, Middle East, and Africa office which he left it in the hands of Ethiopian millennials. In the process of doing this, he spearheaded a movement called Leadership Beyond Boundaries that democratized leadership development (affordable, accessible, scalable) and flipped the model from top-down to bottom-up. He helped train over 500,000 on the continent of Africa in five years.

During all of this time he considered himself a missionary with Global Outreach. He helped plant and elder churches, he preached, he led musical worship. And he was able to build relationships with embassies, governments, corporations, and NGOs around the world through leadership development work.
Steadman remains a Senior Leadership Solutions Associate with CCL.
Global Outreach is trying to become sustainable so that we can add more missionaries and provide better member care and resilience resources to them, including access to quality coaching like what Aaron’s Hands provides. We also want to model a more sustainable way of being a Christian nonprofit as culture shifts and donor bases change.

To answer this need, we are developing a team of leadership development practitioners who can continue to democratize leadership development by taking it into many organizations and sectors where CCL isn’t present. These are faith-hearted individuals who do really excellent leadership and human development work, using CCL models and tools, and are able to build relationships with nonbelievers and their organizations on this platform.
Christians who want to invest in sustainable missions platforms should consider investing in Global Outreach. We are in the process of establishing a secular-facing brand called goinnovation that allows us to do work in closed countries and with folks who aren’t interested in hiring a faith-based organization. This is a sustainable and scalable business-as-mission platform that has the potential to do great kingdom work in the world.